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Stuart Williams

Beverage Director

Originally from the UK, Stuart’s family moved to Texas when he was in middle school and as a result, he says things like ‘Cheerio, Y’all’ and ‘Howdy, mate’. With over a decade behind the bar and two decades in hospitality, Stuart has had the pleasure of working under such chefs as Scott Bryan, John Fraser, Laurent Tourendel, Rocco DiSpirito, Harold Moore, and Mena Newman. He was most recently part of the sommelier teams at The Standard Grill and Narcissa for the Standard Hotel Group as well as the wine coordinator for Hell’s Kitchen's favorite, Annabel. He believes that the story in every glass is a story about places, farming practices, soil, climate, and most importantly people and he is very passionate about telling other peoples’ stories. He is thrilled to have found a home at Loring Place where his ethos for highlighting eco-conscious vintners and local distillers aligns with that of Chef Dan’s approach to the food.